Article does sexting count cheating

article does sexting count cheating

However, the findings did reveal gender differences in cheating attitudes. Seventy per cent of cent of men agreed. The majority of male participants also didn't count kissing as adultery. Share this article. Share. Sixty per.
This year, a poll concluded that a majority of both men and women agreed sexting did count as cheating. And if your partner enjoys the rush of getting turned on.
sexting. The definition of what constitutes cheating is relative—or is it? Sexting There are lots of varying opinions on the matter, but what counts as cheating these days? . This article originally appeared on Bustle..

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Parents, lock up your children. It's time to figure out how you feel about these things, what you're prepared to discuss with a future partner and what you're willing to do if you find that your partner is engaging in things you don't consider healthy.
article does sexting count cheating

Does Sexting Count As Cheating?