Category blog single student

category blog single student

This series guides you step by step through the process of class and student . Your blog title is one of the first things a reader sees when visiting your blog.
We can only link user's blogs to categories. In other words, set default posting permission on the student's blog Each user has one blog.
Student ideas: Student welfare category. Category : Student Welfare another one is at the Bod and a third one is having lunch at college.

Category blog single student - travel

I started this site primarily so students can post about what is going on in the Media Center. I really loved Mrs. The user avatar is also known as your comment avatar. I too am new to blogging and have only once used a similar online tool with my students before. I entered the categories that I thought I might write on when I launched the blog without putting much thought into it. Once you have introduced your class to the world of blogging, you can either create accounts for them so that they can post on your class blog, or even have them set up blogs of their own.

category blog single student

My content is very specific so I guess that helps. As blogs are not bound to courses, there is no way to turn off attachments for blogs or to set size limits without doing it globally. Do you need complete silence to focus on your reading? Retrieved from " I enjoyed the SuperSixSevens blog because it gave me an idea of how to encourage writing in my art room.

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Category blog single student - travel

We can double check your class settings to ensure students have the permissions you want, no worries. Or maybe you see a blog which has a nice neat list of one-word categories, then one which is five words long so gets a disproportionate amount of space compared to its importance. Your Profile page is where you can control the global settings for your username including where you set up your display name, change your password and email address.

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If you need to distinguish between two or more students with the same first name, try adding the initials of their surnames as well. The one thing that helps me the most is planning. Will research some more keywords and try to use them as relevant category names. And please capitalize your categories and tags. It is regularly updated with colourful photos and posts of student work.

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Topics free yoga classes boston Eugene Brown, Edublogs CampusPress. A very common problem with categories is not keeping your categories at the same level of granularity. Kidd and welcome to the teacher Challenge. I decided on the categories:. The idea of using a word like Huzzah as a blog name and a video clip to explain it! I like Library Matters and Heart of the School since I am a media specialist. It took me a long time to get a handle on categories.
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