Kissing party game ideas

kissing party game ideas

You probably haven't played Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven since you were wearing braces and a training bra, but kissing games.
There are lots of fun kissing games to play at parties, no matter what your age. When you're a teenager at a boy/girl party, kissing games are what make the.
Are you looking for fun kissing party games that teenagers would enjoy? Are you planning a party and need some GREAT game ideas?...

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To play this game, you must have even number of guys and gals. The first person holds a set of dangerous dice body parts and kissing actions and a set of regular dice numbers. Here's how this works according to. Sydney I don't have a lot of kissing experience but I would play some of these games with my crush. Especially when you've been in a relationship for a while, kissing tends to drop off.
kissing party game ideas

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The couple with the longest kiss will be judged as the winners. If you get completely exposed you get the pot and can put your clothes back on. There are too many games that I want to play with "him". Ahhh risky but fun! Do you need something to make you guests really laugh? My friends, my boyfriend, and I have played all these and they're so weird and fun.

kissing party game ideas

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Then, at school, he gave me his ring! Shelby These are great ideas!!! Lola Your games helped me get farther with my boyfriend if you know what I mean. I've never played this nor heard of anyone who played it, but I found it in my research and had to include it. If you pick a purple kiss we kiss and if you pick a silver have to kiss another guest.

kissing party game ideas

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Kissing party game ideas This game sends two people away for a decent chunk of time. You roll a die. A guy and girl pair off and get sent into the closet for a minute — with a tube of red lipstick. I remember this one from when I was in middle school. Wait until my mates hear about these games. In fact, it's damn near close to hell.
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