News survey young adults consume their

news survey young adults consume their

Ofthose surveyed 55% saidtheywatched TV news, only marginally downon More worrying is the significant fall inthenumber of young people watching changing their consumption patterns,moving from receiving or reading news.
Millennials consume news and information in strikingly different ways than previous The average Millennial gets 74% of her news from online sources. Fully 45 percent of these young adults regularly follow five or more “hard news ” topics. More than 90 percent of adults age surveyed own.
Social media 'outstrips TV' as news source for young people "places of news discovery" to become the place people consume their news, it suggests. According to the survey, consumers are happy to have their news...

News survey young adults consume their -- travel cheap

Brand reputation fell slightly further down the list, though this may also be closely connected to the most popular reason — familiarity. There are a few topics about which men are more interested. If you wish to comment please login using your social ID or create a new account. I don't want all this extra stuff. Social includes Facebook, Twitter, various other social media platforms, and traditional word-of-mouth.
news survey young adults consume their

State of the Media. The findings suggest that Millennials view news as fairly important and use it in ways that are an almost equal mix of social, civic, and practical. Share this with Messenger. Thunderstorms during the evening, then partly cloudy overnight. Share this with Pinterest. The world is now literally in the pockets of the vast majority of Millennials much of the day.

News survey young adults consume their - travel

Moreover, these digital natives are rational and discriminating in how they employ different information sources for different types of news — using social networks and word-of-mouth more for certain topics suited to those platforms, going directly to news reporting organizations for topics where professional news gathering from a single source has high value, and actively turning to search engines and news aggregators when seeking multiple sources and community input makes sense for the topic. From this initial list, researchers went through an iterative process to add additional sources to provide a greater range in the news media environment — including adding more international, radio and primarily digital sources.

news survey young adults consume their

Expedition fast: News survey young adults consume their

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News survey young adults consume their Uncategorized tips speed dating