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The Open Science Meeting (OSM) and the associated Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) are the premier scientific events of Past Global Changes (PAGES),  ‎ Sessions · ‎ YSM · ‎ Register/Abstract · ‎ Important dates.
PAGE meeting - Lisboa Jun 07 to Jun 10., University of Lisbon Rectory. Alameda da Universidade. Lisboa. Portugal. DDMoRe will.
May 3rd PAGES Young Scientists Meeting, Morillo de Tou, Spain, - 5th PAGES Open Science Meeting, Zaragoza....

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PAGE - Population Appraoch Group in Europe. Modelling of classified individual tumor lesions in metastatic colorectal cancer mCRC patients using delay differential equations. STAN is a free and open-source probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference.
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As such these materials are copyright of the individual authors or their institutions. EOS Worldwide Blog Advice and Insight for Entrepreneurs and Leadership Teams. At Calvagone we provide model-based consulting services with the aim to quantify drug, disease and trial information and to aid clients in efficient drug development and regulatory decisions. Contact our Science Officer. The DDMoRe project is also financially supported by contributions from Academic and SME partners. It supports modeling on a local system and on computer clusters, and is easily extendible with custom scripts, and integrates smoothly with R, Xpose, Excel and other software.

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Our quantitative decision support adds value to projects of biotech companies in search of additional venture capital. SGS Exprimo NV is a European consulting company with the emphasis of its activities focussed towards the application of quantitative, model based approaches at all stages of pharmaceutical development. Alleantis is the business development unit of a network of companies and we offer to our clients the expertise of highly specialized drug development scientists, pharmacometricians, modelers and imaging experts across various drug development stages by applying a Model-Based approach to support rational and effective drug development. Pharmetheus offers consulting services with emphasis on the application of pharmacometric approaches to support drug development decisions. Singapore Basic Course in Climate Time Series Analysis. ISoP is the International Society of Pharmacometrics and its mission is the promotion and advancement of the discipline of pharmacometrics, through Integration, Innovation, and Impact: quantitative integration of multisource data and knowledge of clinical, biomedical, biological, engineering, statistical, and mathematical concepts, resulting in continuous methodological and technological innovation enhancing scientific understanding and knowledge, which in turn has an impact on discovery, research, development, approval, and utilization of new therapies. Our team consists of consultants with a wide experience in programming, mathematics, pharmacology, pharmacometrics and drug development, and a strong commitment to support clients at each step of the drug development process with a fitted and timely approach that will address key development questions and result in an optimal understanding of clinical trial results. Improve - Modeling and simulation platform The main concept behind Improve is to cover control and traceability over your complete modeling and simulation workflow while retaining the simplicity and ease of use of a standard file explorer.