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Human trafficking continually affects millions of people worldwide. Health care . Aboriginal Women and Girls: Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews http:// / sites / / files / NWAC.
http:// / sites / / files / NWAC review for victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in.
trafficking. The Government of Nunavut reports that 52% of Inuit women within the girls: Literature review and key informant interviews. http:// canadianwomen. org / sites / / files // NWAC..

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Full version for service providers The Canadian Council for Refugees CCR : National Human Trafficking Assessment Tool to help guide first-contact service providers across Canada in identifying and responding to situations of human trafficking Canadian Council for Refugees: Starter Toolkit for Awareness-Raising on Trafficking in Persons Feel free to post your knowledge, stories and other comments about human trafficking in the comment section below. Thank you for continuiing showing your young Leadership. Your email address will not be published. NWAC worked with women who were experiential survivors, service providers, officers of the law, and judicial officers to gather information and stories.

Your email sites canadianwomenorg files nwac trafficking literature review will not be published. Sex trafficking is happening in Canada. Boyfriend or not: Sexual exploitation and trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada: Report to the Embassy of the United States. The report contains a comprehensive literature review, key information interviews, and surveys. World YWCA Head Of Communications. Ottawa: Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. Previous article Gallery Post Format. Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Interactive style detached from love Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews. Next article The Horror of the Little Lioness. Expanding My Horizons through AU. I am not Inuit, but working here gives me the greatest gift I can receive: a perspective. The Inuit community continues to suffer multiple forms of trauma associated with this brutal time in their history. In Nunavut, Inuit girls and young women are usually the victims. Check out the following resources below for more information on human trafficking in Nunavut and Canada.

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Next article The Horror of the Little Lioness. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. About The Blog She Speaks is a blog that features contributions from young women and girls who are leading social and economic change in their communities. Skip to main content. Canadian Women's Foundation CWF. Inuit Vulnerabilities to Human Trafficking.