Social media google reverses decision concerning adult blog content

social media google reverses decision concerning adult blog content

Submission: Google now bans all explicit adult content from Blogger Google Reverses Stance, Allows Porn On Blogger After Backlash .. dedicated social conservatives who do nothing but complain about anything If Blogger is deciding certain communications are unacceptable and is . Networking.
And while Google decided to lift the Blogger ban on adult content, Reddit and However, the decision was reversed because it could have.
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Social media google reverses decision concerning adult blog content - - travel Seoul

Several Blogger users said they received an email from Google on Monday outlining the changes, according to support forum posts.. While Google did reverse its decision, it does highlight the potential risks of relying on a free blog hosting service. BUSINESS NEWS Bose is known for delivering a high-quality audio experience, but amidst new...

Tour our smart marketing kids what about online games. Video based social network Vine recently banned sexually explicit content outright. The fight for net neutrality is officially back on. Earlier this week, Google emailed selected bloggers to inform them that sexually explicit photographs or videos would be banned from all public blogs. Continuer vers le site. Instead of making blogs with sexually explicit content private, the search giant will "step up enforcement around our existing policy sites video streaming porno gratuit commercial porn," Google said Friday in a post on its product support page. Days after announcing that it would begin cracking down on sexually explicit content on its Blogger platform, Google has reversed its decision. In recent weeks, it seems a bunch of social sites, from Snapchat to Blogger and Reddit, decided to deal with the. Our mission is to keep you on the bleeding edge of change. Google reverses decision to ban adult content on Blogger. Your message has been sent.

Expedition: Social media google reverses decision concerning adult blog content

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  • Snapchat has also adjusted its ToS in an attempted to keep teens from sending nude pictures to each .