Threads legit seed banks with discreet shipping

threads legit seed banks with discreet shipping

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knew os any legit seed banks that delivery to (preferably that are within) the U.S.? I'm looking at Crop King Legit Seed Banks With Discreet US Shipping? Please.
im checking into a reliable site right now to see if they will ship to u. say for discrete shipping when in all actuality they will remove the seeds from . still why dont u writ a thread about seed banks u have tried and have not.
Page 1 of 4 - U.S. friendly seed banks - posted in Cannabis around a little and decided none of the past threads were quite what i will ship to the us that someone has used and knows to be legit and dr chronic would be your best bet. a huge selection, great forums, discreet billing and shipping

Threads legit seed banks with discreet shipping -- traveling

IMHO stick to seedbanks that have a good track record eg. Want to buy atleast to start my moms. Beyond that nobody else gets to sell em.

threads legit seed banks with discreet shipping

Don't add me to the active users list. Personally I would never order from J-Thang, no idea where those genetics are. Might replace your order with something else if your order turns out to be out of stock. Everything came VERY well packed. Search this forum. I did not say you lying at all, i did not say you said he news block your trademark adult websites a cunt but you make him out to be one that was the point In no way did i attack you but look at your response… very uncalled. Other than that suggestion just grow what you want to smoke would be my advice. Read more about Gorilla's Cannabis Seeds Bitcoin. However, he suposedly cancelled his entire day in order to wait for payment from me. Attitude ships to oz. Orders come quick, stealth is decent.

Threads legit seed banks with discreet shipping - - tri cheap

During flowering, they didn't develop any visible crystals, even after one month, and had incredibly puny buds compared to my other plants. If it was legal in S. Freebies are so damn tempting. I ordered to my house address and the parcel obviously has my name on it, after having to phone customs they have my number and email address too… Should I be really worried? All I needed was for my bank to remove the block on international transactions. When they make a mistake, they have no interest in resolving the issue. My concern has nothing to do with me,it has to do with new users blindly supporting a potentially dangerous seedbank. Buying cannabis seeds online as a resident of the USA can be likened to putting on your hazard lights in a no-parking zone outside your local grocer - it's not allowed but everyone does it!