Usage discreet discrete

usage discreet discrete

If you have trouble distinguishing discreet from discrete, use the mnemonics above; or if you have a different trick, do let me know in a comment.
What is the difference between discrete and discreet? Discrete means individually distinct. Discreet means inconspicuous or secretive.
True, yakking on your cellphone while your tablemate sits idly is poor form, but the error sharp-eyed readers will catch is the use of discrete to mean....

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I may share this with my college-age son, who is a big fan of irony and satire. Even news casters do this.
usage discreet discrete

D Sweat I was thinking the same thing! Otherwise, I have no idea what you are trying to say. Easily Confused Words Test. We divided the work into discrete sections. In the case of the latter you could pop the top of the case off and see usage discreet discrete discrete components on a single substraite. I should have killed you all bless yall. A discrete device or discrete component is an electronic component with just one circuit element, either passive resistor, capacitor, usage discreet discrete, inductor, diode or active transistor or vacuum tubeother than an integrated circuit. But here commenters make fun of the English language without ever even mispelling something! Like you said, discrete particles, as in different particles, molecules. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I know that feel, bro. Sign up for daily tips.

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What Does Sic Mean? Many, if not most people who work in science, mathematics or engineering would understand..

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But here, Bob will always lead the pack. I notice newspapers are getting really bad about that. DId I spall that rite? Distinct is to discrete not discreet and All these while I though the words Discrete and Discreet is like Color and Colour. English history habitually uses in for the accounter.